Network Spinal Analysis

People who participate in our programs:

•    Enjoy more flexibility

•    Experience less physical pain

•    Become more “tuned in” to what their bodies want and need

•    Feel more resilient in the face of life’s stressors

•    Experience more connection

•    Take less medication, eat better, exercise more and engage in more spiritual practices

•    Are more energized and inspired

•    Are more open to subtle cues of what life is asking of them to be

•    Are less anxious, irritable and depressed

•    Feel more “real”, authentic and purposeful in their lives

•    Are more inspired to contribute their unique talents to help others


“I would like to say that if you are willing to be open to this kind of work…if you are willing to come from where they are coming from at Sojourn, then this will transform your life.”  
Practice Member, J. C.

Healing Waves: How Network Spinal Analysis Works

Network Spinal Analysis is a technique first developed in the min-1980’s by Dr. Donald Epstein DC. Dr. Epstein found that he could relieve tension from his patient’s spinal cord by gently unwinding tension from the surrounding connective tissue.

Imagine your spinal cord tissues as guitar strings: the tighter the tension is pulled, the higher the frequency and rate of oscillation. That frequency-or tension- is then distributed outward from your spinal cord to every one of your body’s 75-100 trillion cells via an elaborate nerve network.

Physical stress, emotional stress, and chemical stressors all contribute to spinal cord tension. In Network Care the doctor makes gentle contacts on your spine that will cue your body to first notice and then resolve the tension you are holding. No twisting or cracking is necessary, With just a few ounces of pressure, what is called a “spinal entrainment” occurs. A gentle wave-movement travels through your body, changing the frequency of spinal cord tension and releasing tension from your whole body. View video below.

The Science

A retrospective study of over 2,800 people under Network care was conducted by neurobiologists at UC Irvine Medical College.

76% of the 2,818 people in the study reported improvements in ALL of these 5 categories

Physical well-being
    •    Improved flexibility
    •    More energy and less fatigue
    •    Fewer colds or flu
    •    Fewer headaches and reduced pain

Less Stress relative to
    •    Health
    •    Coping with daily problems
    •    Family and significant other
    •    Work

Emotional and psychological well-being
    •    Positive feelings about self
    •    Decreased moodiness and anger
    •    Less depression, more interest in life
    •    Fewer concerns about small things
    •    Improved ability to think and concentrate

Life enjoyment
    •    Experience of relaxation and well-being
    •    Confidence in dealing with adversity
    •    Satisfaction with sex life
    •    Compassion for self and others

Lifestyle changes
    •    Less use of prescription medications
    •    Exercise/Meditation/Prayer/Tai Chi/Yoga
    •    Dietary improvements

99% of the participants in the study wished to continue Network Care
The longer the individuals were in care, the greater the improvements!

The question still remained, “What causes such positive outcomes for people?”
The answer lies in the two unique healing waves that come alive in the spines of people under Network Care.

Researcher Edmund Jonckheere Ph.D. at the University of Southern California, USC, used Surface Electromyography (EMG) to record signals along the spines of patients while they received a Network entrainment. Their research revealed that the Network waves generate organized mathematical signals that can’t be faked. Jonckheere also correlated a relationship between the degree of wave motions and the patient’s level of progress.

The more organized the mathematics of the wave in a person’s spine, the greater the outcomes they felt in their life.

In additional published work, Jonckeere wrote, “The main conclusion is that the sEMG signal of NSA reveals a new class of complex nonlinear dynamic behavior.” Meaning: Network Care is helping the brain and body develop an entirely new and re-organized pattern of behavior. Their findings have been presented in publications and conferences nationally and internationally.

Meanwhile, people’s lives keep improving in Network offices around the world. From stress reduction to ADHD, back pain, fertility, or reduction of psoriasis, case studies involving NSA patients published in peer-reviewed journals keep coming in.

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